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Book of Ra is the most played slot in history! Since it's invention over 10 million players all around Europe were able to enjoy the famous slot Book of Ra. Being set in ancient Egypt and starring an Indiana Jones lookalike, Book of Ra cannot be called typical slot game, but it has a unique way to attract people around the globe. Obviously there is a very high chance of winning a lot of money, and nobody can deny that its all about making cash. So try Book of Ra for free and see for yourself! Book of Ra is the most played slotmachine for a reason.

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There are a lot of Casino Games out there. But there is only one Slot machine that really made it. Book of Ra has taken over the Casino Games sector. But why is this so? Well, Book of Ra just has everything a Gamblers heart could desire : a lot of Bonus features, free Games, high Payouts and of course a maximum Win possibility! Since 2008, Novoline started its way through with Book of Ra. But since 2008, things has changed pretty much. Todays technological possibilities let's you play this awesome Slot machine Game even in the Internet! Playing in the Internet has a few great benefits. First of all, you do not have to leave the House to get to the Casino and pay the cover charge. Playing at Home gives you the Freedom to just chill in you Seat, drink your Coffee or Beer and to relax, while you play the most awesome online slot machine Game on Earth. Why bothering hanging around with guys you dont even know, or people that drives you nuts,while you are trying to relax playing this awesome Game?

Let me tell you a few things about Book of Ra itself. Book of Ra was invented by Novoline at 2008. Based on the Egyptian Mythology, Book of Ra has everything you could find in an ancient ruin of Egypt. Hieroglyphics and Symbols make this slot machine give you he feeling to really hang out in the great Egypt. In this Case you are a Chamber hunter, kinda like Indiana Jones looking for that one big Treasure: the Book of Ra. Looking for the Book of Ra, you get to find a lot of other great stuff: scarabs, Osiris Symbols and the Pharaohs Symbol's. These turn out to be really helpful, fighting yourself through the Chamber.

But what you are really looking for is the actual Book of Ra, because this will grant you the most important feature : Bonus Games. In these bonus Games you get the Chance to higher your Bet to the max! In case you don't know how to play Book of Ra Online, I would like to explain this Game a little further to you.

To Play Book of Ra, you need to set up the General settings. Book of Ra is played on 5 Spinners with 9 Pay lines. The Pay lines are optional, but very interesting during the Game. To set it up, you need to take a look at the bottom of the slot machine. Here you can find Buttons. Starting from the right, you can find the Auto start Button. Press the Auto start feature if you wish the slot machine to run automatically. At the left of it you can find the Start Button. This is to activate the Spinners manually. The next Buttons to the Left of the Start Button, you can find two other Buttons in black and red.

The black Button allows you to max the Bet on the Pay lines, while the red button lets you single Bet on the Pay lines. The only thing left now, is to setup the Pay lines itself. To do this, pick one of the 5 Buttons in row. Starting from 1 Line, you can go up to 9. This is the actual Bet at Book of Ra. The more Pay lines you choose, the more you have to pay per Spin, but the higher is your Chance to Win. In case you only choose 1 Pay line, the Win is only on the middle and only if lined up. Choosing more Pay lines, will even grant you Wins diagonally and all the way through the Spinners. This is very helpful in the Bonus rounds, because there is also only counting the Pay lines you have chosen at the beginning of the Game.

The Gameplay

Book of Ra is a very understandable and lovely giving slot machine Game. During the Game you can higher your Wins with Scatters and Wild Symbols. Further, you can even gamble the Winnings. To Gamble, the only thing left to do is to press the black or red button at the bottom of the slot machine. In the Gambling feature you will find Cards. The color of the Cards has to be completed. You can even multiply your Win up to five times! Of course you can loose it all, that's Gambling! But some guys would say no risk, no fun!

Bonus rounds

To get into the Bonus rounds and its free Games, the only thing left to do is to get three Book of Ra symbols. These Book of Ra symbols can be at any Position on any Spinner, not depending if its lined up or not. Three Book of Ra symbols, will grant you ten free Games. Get more then three Book of Ra symbols and you will get even more free Spins.

Starting into the Bonus rounds, the slot machine will randomly pick one of the Symbols given in this Game. Each Symbol has its own worth. As soon as the slot machine picked its symbol, the Spins start running. Now comes the real big Deal!
As soon as your Symbol appears on the Spinners, they will be lined up vertically. Possible is to even get a Full Screen. This is the highest winning possibility. But to have the max Win, you need to setup all Pay Lines. Now the Pay lines are multiplied with the Bet on the Pay lines and the worth of the Symbol...that is pretty much Cash coming on this one! You can even get more free Spins, in case you get more Book of Ra Symbols in the Bonus rounds. As you can see, Book of Ra comes up with a lot of possibilities to get the real big Cash.
As you can see in this great slot machine Game Book of Ra : the winning possibilities are tremendous and its the only Game on earth that gives you so much back, instead of just taking your Money like a Gold digger! I hope you guys hat at least so much fun with this great Game as I still have! Good Luck Ladies and Gentlemen ;)